We are a group of women, men, kids, families, clubs, religious congregations, schools, residential communities, scouts, merchants, etc. who volunteer to raise money, collect, make, donate, and purchase new clothes, linens, and basic toiletries that are given to needy people through recognized, registered community agencies in the Greater Bucks County (PA) area.

The mission of NGA is to improve the quality of life for needy individuals - predominantly children, women, and families. NGA fosters independent, self-sufficient, contributing members of society through gifts of NEW clothes, household linens, and basic personal care items.

Best Buy of the Year! At the end of a winter season, I found fleece hats at Old Navy for less than 30 cents each, originally priced at $7.99 each. I bought all of them - over 200! Be on the lookout for great end-of-season deals as summer is ending. NGA and the needy people in your hometown can always use your help.