The Auctions

An auction is part of the last forty years of our branch. The auction was started around 1975 (that's not based on hard research) to raise funds to pay for sewing and knitting supplies. We raised over $200 that year and were delighted. Our event became a public venue after three years of selling and recycling things within the membership. The same Readers Digest Condensed Book listed each person who had bought it and resold it. We had quite a long list.

We moved our auction from the church all purpose room to the auditorium and from a Wednesday evening to a Saturday so that more stuff and more people could join the fun. With more funds, we were able to start purchasing items for distribution. Buying in bulk and during sales allowed us to help more people, and that's what NGA is all about.

Our largest auction generated over $8,000. Remember that all items for sale have been donated as someone's cast offs...sometimes better known as "treasured trash." We have had a wonderful assortment of household goods, books, jewelry, tools, furniture, old paper goods, antiques, collectibles, quits, sports equipment, glassware, appliances, office items, linens, crafts, and gift items. You never know what you will find.