NGA Southampton Branch turns 70!

On June 11, 2008 over 50 people gathered at the North & Southampton Reformed Church in Churchville, PA to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Southampton Branch of NGA. We had a picnic dinner (hotdogs, pasta salad, pickles, lemonade, etc.) and cupcake desserts. Guests were encouraged to bring a "present" for NGA to distribute at the next Ingathering.

For the program part of the picnic, we looked at the past, the present, and the future of NGA. For the past, we watched (and some participated in) a live performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which is also 70 years old. For the present, we performed and sang the NGA song. The future of NGA consisted of a mini-auction and a rap song.

Young member Alison Castle has promised to host the 100th Anniversary of NGA when she is 50! Until then, continue to come and hear Mertz as MC!